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The Principal responsibility is to provide highly effective technical support for DTI’s technical infrastructure. Highly effective means that the services for the assigned assets are provided in a way that is efficient, meets the needs of the customers (both DTI and other state agencies) and customers in compliance with DTI policy and procedures. The services will be primarily rendered through a combination of personal effort, joint effort with others in the workgroup, and collaboration with other DTI staff, vendors, and customers.

The ANALYST/DBA is expected to possess strong technical proficiency in one or more of the core Technology Domains, technical proficiency in several others, and technical awareness in the rest.

The ANALYST/DBA will report to the Application Delivery Manager – Enterprise DBA.

The Technology Domains for this position is Client Server Database Support – Microsoft SQL, Mongo & Oracle DBA.


% of time, annualized
Project/Task/Resource Management
Problem/Change Management
Plan and carry out Disaster Recovery testing
Collaborate with other DTI teams and customers to ensure satisfactory delivery of services.
Communicate with vendors to ensure satisfactory service delivery. 20%

Technical Consulting
Consult with various parties to gather requirements, assess opportunities, and architect/design solutions for the technical infrastructure, specific to database technologies. 20%

Technical Support
This position will focus on Microsoft SQL, Mongo, Oracle and related product support in a 24x7 operational environment. Support includes: backups, imports/exports, performance monitoring and tuning, auditing, upgrades, patching, storage management, session tracing, transaction languages (T/SQL, Mongo Shell, PL/SQL), replication, failover, database management tools, security, and reporting. 55%

Personal development
Technology & I/T disciplines training, technical research, participate in team & other meetings. 5%



• Bachelor’s Degree in an I/T discipline strongly preferred, or equivalent work experience
• Basic training in project management principles and practices
• Trained or experienced in Quality Process management
• Possesses professional certifications commensurate with ADVANCED to EXPERT technical capabilities

Experience with Microsoft SQL, Mongo & Oracle DBA software installation and configuration, version testing and debugging, installation of patches, and direct technical vendor interactions. Working knowledge of UNIX and Linux supporting Oracle databases. Microsoft SQL & Oracle database design, administration, debugging, tuning and recovery are a required.
Knowledge and/or experience with MSSQLSVR versions 2012, 2014 and 2016; all versions of Mongo; and Oracle 12c. It is understood that DBAs are expected to learn and become knowledgeable of higher versions of the databases as they are released by the vendor(s).
Experience in testing, debugging, and supporting MSSQLSVR SQL Reporting Services, and MSSQLSVR SQL Integration Services.
Experience in Server Operating Systems Windows 2012 and higher, Oracle Linux 7 and higher, and most versions of HP/UX along with the inter-dependent functions of Microsoft SQL, Mongo and Oracle DBA.
Experience with MSSQLSVR High Availability and Failover Clusters, SQL Server Replication, and SQL Server Agents (Jobs).
Demonstrated self-starter and self-directed worker; good judgment in when and how to engage other parties, especially management.
Knowledgeable of and experienced in Quality Management principles and practices, including a genuine belief in the effectiveness of applying them in day-to-day activities.
Project experience including defining, evaluating, tracking, and reporting on complex multi-resource projects; knowledge of overall project management fundamentals.
Solid “people skills”, including proven ability to accept direction from management and provide direction to junior staff; able to provide valuable advice to management regarding Development Plans, and Performance Evaluations.
Good communications (verbal and written) skill; effective group presentation skills a plus. Able to communicate very effectively with other DTI technical staff, vendors and customers; when required, communicates satisfactorily with senior I/T management.
A genuine “team player” focused on excellence in internal and external customer service; demonstrated ability to contribute positively in conflict situations, willing to pursue and reach consensus based on overall goals.
Committed to strong discipline in the areas of problem and change management; ideally has operated in an environment with formal processes in these areas
Strong analytical skills, with particular emphasis on identifying creative solutions to I/T problems within applicable constraints.
Flexibility is a highly valued characteristic given the dynamic nature of I/T in general and DTI in particular. Must be comfortable in a setting where policies, procedures and practices are in a continuous state of evolution.

Must be able to work independently in accordance with Performance Plan with minimal supervision. In most cases, the ANALYST will operate under broad directives within overall policy and procedural guidelines.

The ANALYST, when so assigned, will participate with other members of the workgroup.

The ANALYST directs and performs highly technical service and support functions, therefore critical judgment and analysis is important, with particular emphasis during crisis situations that threaten service delivery. The ability to calmly assess the situation, identify options, and recommend or approve interventions is critical to the job.
The scope of the technical infrastructure directly supported is well defined, but the overall environment is highly complex and inter-related to other infrastructures. This calls for frequent and effective collaboration with other DTI staff, vendors, and even customers on an as-needed basis.
Success is heavily influenced by events and conditions outside his/her direct control, particularly with respect to software. Navigating in this complex environment requires a creativity and innovation. Limited funding for new software tools may require that innovative solutions be used to achieve partial results within fiscal restraints.

The infrastructure supported by the ANALYST is central to the delivery of I/T services to numerous Delaware state entities, and thereby to the citizens of Delaware. Day-to-day decisions have a direct bearing on the effective utilization of the DTI infrastructure and satisfactory service delivery.

The ANALYST has limited decision-making authority. Tactical decision-making on non-crisis technical issues is moderate but subject to supervisory approval. Crisis decision-making is similarly limited, but if timeliness prevents prior approval, the ANALYST is authorized to make decisions based on collaboration with other DTI management or colleagues.

The ANALYST will interact with other DTI functional staff on a daily basis, primarily on technical matters. The nature of these interactions will often have elements of “positive conflict” in which the objectives may not be fully aligned, thereby requiring consensus-building to achieve effective results. In this role, the incumbent must be proficient in the application of “influence management” techniques.
The ANALYST will periodically interact with DTI Senior Staff either formally or informally.
The ANALYST will periodically interact with software vendors to obtain satisfactory services or with DTI customers pertaining to service delivery. The incumbent will seek out and nurture relationships with other technicians inside and outside state government for benchmarking, information sharing, and “best practices” analysis.

The primary function of the ANALYST is to provide skilled technical support and project leadership. As noted above, the infrastructure is highly complex, with many interdependencies on other DTI workgroups and outside vendors. The incumbent must have solid technical understanding, and excellent collaboration and communication skills to succeed. The technical proficiency must be deep in the core areas and wide in others.

The ANALYST, in conjunction with the entire workgroup, supports a 24x7 operational environment. Accordingly, the operating environment will require extended hours, including engagement outside normal working hours. During the course of a year, several crisis situations are likely to develop, producing high-pressure, stressful conditions. In extreme cases, this may call for elongated workdays and confrontational encounters, typically with software vendors.


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